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When it comes to wordpress, we have the experience and expertise you need.
With our help your website will be fully functional in no time at all!

At BC Web Design, our one-stop shop service is designed to provide you with everything from wordpress hosting and SEO services.
We also offer migration & growing your business online advice!

About Us

BC Web Design is a business that specializes in website design and development. The company was founded by Will Borsje-Clark in early 2019,
who has over 11 clients and growing BC Web Design also offers SEO services, WordPress design & development, and Facebook ads.

About William

I am a self-taught digital marketer. I studied diploma of web design back in 2006 from then Natcoll Design Technology now known as Yoobee College of Creative Innovation and currently reside in Christchurch with my lovely wife and daughter. During the time of building is design agency on side of his day, he has found himself to be very interested in digital marketing which led him to start studying online marketing more deeply. He has been doing this for around 3 years now and loves what he does!

I have always loved the Web. I used to spend hours on it, exploring and learning new things. It was always my favorite escape from reality. But since I had a family of my own, not much time has been left for all that fun stuff anymore. So what's a father supposed to do? Well, instead of waiting for someone else to come up with an answer, I decided to find one myself! After years spent working in various IT-related fields as a hobby, I came across Internet marketing and SEO courses online that were perfect for me - both as a person wanting some relief from boredom after work hours and as someone who is interested in starting their own business at home while still being there for his children every day.